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For 126 years, Savannah State University has been an important part of higher education. As the oldest public HBCU in Georgia and the oldest institution of higher learning in the historic city of Savannah, SSU has served this community with distinction while meeting the educational needs of an increasingly diverse student population.

The 201-acre campus is by far the most picturesque in the state of Georgia. The moss-laden sweeping oak trees, expansive marsh and historic architecture create a resplendent yet tranquil atmosphere. Beneath the beauty and splendor is a vibrant residential campus bursting at the seams with the vim and vigor of quality collegiate life: relevant academic majors, engaging lectures, cutting-edge research, quality student-faculty engagement and a nurturing environment. I invite you to become a part of the SSU family. Please continue your exploration of Savannah State University - both on the Web and in person – and share our excitement.

Savannah State's Administration

This administration will have as its major focus the futures of the thousands of students currently enrolled and the thousands who will be attending into the next century. All that we do will be designed to address those needs. We believe in the dreams and hopes that we see in our students' eyes and will work to make their dreams a reality. Our goal is to produce graduates who will possess the necessary skills for professional employment, advanced academic degrees, self employment and leadership opportunities.

Dr. Cheryl Davenport Dozier University President
Dr. Kimberly Sinclair Holmes Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Mr. Edward B. Jolley, Jr. Vice President of Business & Financial Affairs
Mr. Phillip D. Adams Vice President of University Advancement
Dr. F. Carl Walton Vice President of Student Affairs


Here you will find a multitude of opportunities for a world-class education.

Every day at Savannah State University is filled with new challenges that will inspire your dreams and nurture your goals as you develop personally and academically in a stimulating environment. Your explorations will equip you with the preparation and experience to help you succeed in any endeavor that you choose. We look forward to seeing you on campus.

Living on campus in a close-knit, nurturing environment gives you the opportunity to realize the complete college experience. You will live and thrive in a supportive atmosphere surrounded by others sharing the same life-changing experiences, academically and socially, in a vibrant university setting.

Convenient to all campus activities, Savannah State housing includes options for different budgets and lifestyles. Traditional residence halls and the modern, well-planned freshman suites are ideal for students new to the university. University Village, a campus apartment complex, is the top choice for upperclassmen. The village features fullyfurnished one, two and four bedroom apartments that include small kitchens, Internet access, cable TV and local phone service. All residential buildings include laundry facilities and computer labs.

Academic Information

Academic Status Dean's List Drop/Add Grade Point Average Transcript

Academic Status

Academic status is expressed in a quality point index. A student's quality point index is found by dividing the sum of quality points by the sum of "Hours Attempted." For analysis of academic status, Savannah State computes both a semester index and cumulative index.


Academic Good Standing Hours GPA
0-30 1.70
31-60 1.85
61+ 2.0

Dean's List

To acknowledge publicly the high scholastic achievement of its students, Savannah State follows the traditional practice of publishing at the end of each semester a Dean's List. Placement on this list is merited by a minimum of 12 hours enrollment with a semester average of 3.5.

Part-time students qualify provided they have completed 15 semester hours with an accumulative average of 3.5 for no less than two courses and six semester hours.

Students doing their student teaching are eligible for the Dean's List if they have a 3.5 in course for that one semester and if they have been on the Dean's List for the two semesters immediately preceding the semester of student teaching.

Dropping or Adding a Course

If you change your mind about the classes you registered for, don't panic. During the first two days of each semester you can drop or add a class in the Registrar's Office. A student who must drop a course or withdraw from college after registration must complete the proper withdrawal form. The date of withdrawal is not the day the student stops going to class but the day he/she properly fills out the withdraw form and return it to the Office of the Registrar. A student who fails to comply with this regulation will receive an "F" for all courses for which he/she has registered and forfeit all claims to tuition refunds. Any student who reduces his/her course load after the first day of class is not entitled to a refund.

Grade Point Average (GPA)

Savannah State University's grading system is based on letters.

Grading System Letter Grade Point equivalent
A 4.0
B 3.0
C 2.0
D 1.0
F 0.0


Requests for transcripts of academic records should be directed to the Registrar's Office. These must be in writing and accompanied by a $4.00 payment for each official or unofficial transcript. Official transcripts will be mailed directly to the institution/agency at the student's written request.

Only the student may request that his/her transcript be sent.

You may:

Select the Transcript Request Form , print, complete and mail it to:
Savannah State University
Registrar's Office
Box 20479
Savannah, GA 31404

Contact the Registrar's Office:
Phone: (912) 358-4160
Email at

University Recreation & Wellness

The Office of University Recreation & Wellness (URW) is a vital piece to the overall mission of Savannah State University. URW's mission is to educate students, faculty and staff on the importance of wellness awareness by enhancing existing wellness activities and programs, by implementing and creating new wellness activities on and off campus, and by challenging and encouraging campus leadership to actively get involved. We continue to improve our facilities and upgrade equipment in order to provide quality service to all patrons. We want to be the source that provides education and information on health and wellness issues to SSU.

While every individual should be allowed to determine the amount of physical activity he or she receives, physical preparation is as important as intellectual preparation in meeting the demands and rigors of everyday living. With this philosophy in mind, we extend an invitation to all students, faculty and staff to participate in the many sports activities offered by this department. If you have any questions and/or suggestions concerning the Intramural Sports Program, please contact our office.

University Recreation & Wellness is located at Wilcox Gymnasium
912-358-4210 (before 3pm) or 912-358-3071 (after 3pm)

We Want To Hear From You!

In order to provide you with the best service possible, we would like to hear your thoughts and concerns. Please respond honestly; your opinions and ideas are greatly appreciated and will be used to ensure our services meet your needs. Click here to complete the survey. You can complete the survey as a word document and email it to Mrs. Jacqueline Awe at or you can print the survey and take it to King Frazier Student Center room 233. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

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